Sturdy, Reliable ISO Tanks

Made of stainless steel and surrounded by various types of protective layers, ISO tank containers, are designed to carry liquids reliably, safely, and cost-effectively. Being built based on ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization) they can withstand extreme pressure and damage, are highly unlikely to leak. They do not require additional packaging materials for cargo and can handle bulk, temperature-sensitive, hazardous, and non-hazardous cargo. We do our container and tank repairs at the same facility.

700 JWS ISO Tanks

We own 700 ISO tanks that can place and effectively transport less than shipload or truckload materials with much less shipping and handling cost. They can generally be stacked in 90mins in comparison to drums which require a few hours.

Fluid Types

The ISO Tank Container permits the shipping of a wide range of items. From edible fluids like wines, juices, spirits, cooking oil, and non-hazardous liquids to shipping dangerous materials including erosive and explosive materials, chemicals, toxins, and flammables.

IMCO Type 11 Tanks

These tanks with a bottom discharge facility have interiors made of Stainless Steel. These tanks also facilitate Steam Heating for products that solidify after loading. These tanks are mainly of 24 KL to 26 KL capacity.

Quality Testing

Periodically tested as per the ISO standards, the tanks are certified by qualified surveyors like B.V. and Lloyds Register. The tanks are also cleaned by professional cleaning stations as per the international standards and certified for cleanliness.